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House of Dosas Vancouver, BC

September 24th, 2007 · No Comments

D (Monday, Sep 24): Meda Vedai – fried rice flour doughnuts with chutney and dal to start – delicious. Went for the $5.99 Dosa Mondays. If you don’t know dosas – they are like big thin crispy potato crepes with a small amount of delicious filling. We tried the shrimp vindaloo, lamb vindaloo and gunpowder (really just cayenne pepper). Watch out for the fresh green chilis if you order hot. Apparently the Chicken 65 appetizer and the spinach lamb dosas are the most popular – we will definitely return….Meal for 3 with 1 appetizer and 2 lassis – $34 including tip.

T: (Monday, Oct 15): Okay – we had a good time last time, but we had our socks knocked off for round two. Why did we go back? 2 Reasons: Reason #1: Indian food = tasty Reason #2: Dosas for $5.99

What was different this time, you ask? Well my young friend – what was different was that we read the newspaper clippings on the wall before ordering. And as Doris Day would say, “Oh what a difference a pakora makes”. That joke sucked. My apologies to Doris Day, her family, and the billion people of India.

The old newspaper clippings recommended that we try the Chicken 65 and the Lamb Spinach (Palak) Dosa. As it had been a long day for everyone, we were more than a little peckish (Tim tried to eat Arleen’s hand) and so we threw in an order for some pakoras, and tried 2 other dosas as well (Lamb Vindaloo and ???).

How long will you be on Mars, sir? 2 weeks…twooo…weeeeeksss….two…weeekss… arrrrggggggg…

Sorry. Interlude.

Two words! That’s what I was trying to say:

So. Delicious.

Okay. Took me long enough. Dinner was delicious. Pakoras weren’t as light as I’ve had elsewhere before – I think they were stuffed with yam, but savory, nicely oily, and a bit of heat. The Chicken 65 was amazing. Rubbery, yes; but breaded in some kind of mystery breading – bright red, spicy – kind of like General Tao’s Chicken but without the cornstarch glaze – more of a dry oily finish. Sooooo addictive. I can’t say much for the ketchup-esque hotsauce that both dishes were served with, but it was nice to have the cool of the sauce with the hot oil and spice together – it helped for texture if nothing else.

The Dosas – well, I’m acquiring a taste for them. I have to admit that I really have no idea how to eat them. A dosa is a bit of a funny thing as far as food goes – it’s a large, long, rolled-up, fairly crispy crepe that has a blob of delicious filling just in the middle of it. It’s a mixture of textures – a mashed-potato-esque filling in a wrapper that’s thickness is one-half crispy, one-half soft. Who knew they’d go well together? Some brave, wise, handsome man, that’s who.

I don’t know that I can recommend one type of dosa over another – they’re all good – I’d just recommend ordering a bunch and sharing them with your friends. Some you’ll like – the Seafood Vindaloo is great; the Lamb Palak has the gameyness of the lamb with the punch of spinach – not for everyone’s palate, but perfectly prepared and perhaps most importantly – full of flavour.

I don’t ask much of Indian food as I certainly don’t understand the nuances of flavour or have any reference point for ‘how’ it should be done. All I ask is that it be full of flavour, fast out of the kitchen, fiery, and fun to eat.

House of Dosas combines all four – in an atmosphere that’s comfortable, with extremely nice service, and at a price that’s right.

Oh, we’ll be back all right – back for more delicious goodness. Deb still doesn’t like my idea for a Pepsi Lassi, but you never know…my fingers are crossed…

House of Dosas
1391 Kingsway, Vancouver 604-875-1283

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