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October 19th, 2007 · No Comments

Salumi Salumi Salumi Salumi
The picture above says it all. Simple food – meat and cheese. Salumi (singular: salume), as our friends at Wikipedia tell us, are meat products which are usually cured and predominantly made from pork.

Everything about that last sentence was beautiful.

But wait – that meat in the picture above was cured in-house, by people who know and love meat. There’s a reason why in some of the great places to eat in Seattle, you’re eating meat from Salumi. Not only can you drop by the store-front or order online, but more than a few restaurants in Seattle serve meats from Salumi.

Salumi was co-founded by Armandino Batali, the father of Mario Batali, noted chef – yes, that Mario Batali. Obviously, this family is doing something right.

This is the kind of place we should eat at more often. It’s real food, real food like people in Italy eat. Made in a small shop, by a family that loves food. This – my fellow North Americans, is how the rest of the world eats. Most people in the world don’t shop at Sam’s Club, buying “Party Packs” of something processed in a gigantic factory somewhere. Most people shop at places they can walk to, eating foods made locally, sold by the people who made them. And yes, they do enjoy their lives more than we do, and you have to go here to find out why.

We dropped in for a very, very late lunch (about 3:45pm), held up by Interstate traffic and a busy border crossing. We arrived just before close – and they were sold out of almost everything, but thankfully we made it in enough time to have a sandwich and to by their last platter of meat and cheese. For two people, for lunch, this was so much food that we ended up brown-bagging half the platter with us when we left. Left alone in a paper bag, that blue cheese you see above and the remaining meats left the ’92 Accord smelling like…well, okay – smelling like Heaven.

This place has amazing meats (although I can’t say I’ve acquired a taste for the Paprika sausage) and a charm that you only find at family-owned places where everyone there knows and loves the food they make.

No matter what, if you’re in Seattle from Tuesday to Friday, Salumi is a must-go. But beware – if you go on a Tuesday, you’ll be back from Wednesday to Friday as you just won’t be able to get enough.

D: We managed to find our way off the highway and headed straight to Salumi – this was a truly spectacular place. It’s an Italian cured-meats/sandwich shop (for lack of a better description) on 3rd street south – we got there at 3:20 or so (they close at 4pm) and they didn’t have much food left. We could only order a few things as they were mostly out of food – so we ordered:
a. A mufa sandwich – the only sandwich they had left
b. A plate of mixed sliced meats with olives, cheese, and bread (mole, salume, hot sopressata, paprika, mufa, lardo, etc). good, stinky blue cheese, provolone, and ?havarti? (we got the last mixed plate available)
A hunk of paprika and hot sopressata to go – the only cured meats (in bulk) that they had left

Salumi was great – really good food, lots of atmosphere – a few tables, bottles of wine on the tables, exceptionally friendly staff – and you got lots of food. Thankfully we were starving so we were able to take away a bunch of the bread/cheese/meats from deb’s meat platter. Place would be awesome – will have to go back but will expect to wait – looks like the tables would fill up quickly on a a busy day. One of the people who works there was telling us how on some days in the summer they are so busy that one one day they ended up with nothing to sell but chocolate ice cream.

I’d definitely go back to salumi any time I was in seattle and needed a meat fix. At at least one other restaurant we saw their products on the menu and I’m sure that they’re not the only one. They were making gnocchi in the window as we came in, and apparently their soups are pretty impressive as well – I didn’t see the gnocchi on the menu though so it would be interesting to see what they have to really sell and to try a bunch of other things.

Salumi Cured Meats
Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm
309 Third Ave South 
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206-621-8772

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