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Moto Restaurant

November 28th, 2007 · No Comments

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Moto is a minimalist yet somehow comfortable and cosy restaurant in an unlikely location nestled among industrial buildings. From the moment you step in the door, the service is excellent. As we sat down, the maitre d’ of the night informed us that our menus were just finishing off in the oven. In a few moments, the menu arrived on edible paper and ink applied to a thin crispy cracker spiced with flavors reminiscent of ginger/nutmeg with a spicy kick with a splash of butternut squash puree and sot cheese. We had to go with the GTM (grand tour of moto) with the wine pairings – pricey but it was our first time trying molecular gastronomy and we were all in. I did overhear the diners next to us say they heard the TEN (ten dishes ) was the best value while getting to experience the innovative tedchniques. there is also a FIVE (five dishes) option.

The first course was the nitro sushi roll – sushi tuna with fresh wasabi and miso with nitrogen-cooked sesame oil splashed onto it right from the roiling pot just before you eat it. It was a weird experience to have the steam escape from your mouth as you popped the frozen sesame into your moth.

Next was the grilled baby octopus tentacle with the Kalamata crisp which tasted exactly like eating an olive in cracker form.

The greek salad liquified was a shot of clear liquid which concentrated the flavours of a greek salad complete with a few drops of olive oil.

Caribbean shutome was a piece of perfectly grilled meaty white fish with a piece of jerk-spiced pineapple which you cold “grill” yourself on the tiny frosty grill it arrives on.

Wasabi and bluefin – was raw fish ?

Biscuit creme brulee was a tiny sweet creamy creme brulee with a small bacon biscuit .

The caramel apple with bacon was served with scented cutlery which was filled with toasty thyme tht you were supposed to smell while using the cutlery to devour the delciously tender pork belly covered in a baked gala apple which I smeared in the line of caramel sauce.

The ginger beer fizz came in a syringe which was injected into the glass when it arrived at the table. It looked like it contained flecks of vanilla. Too sweet and not fizzy enough. One of the rare disappointments

The smoked pork with collard greens was again fork-tender and came with frozen bean noodles which as tehy melted became a sauce to be incorporated into the delcicious concoction.

Quail and white truffle – chicken-fried quail with crispy elbow macaroni with the scent of truffles blowing your mind. ONe of our favories.

Lamb corn dog – another rare disappointment. A mini morsel of lamb wrapped in a corn dog shell on a tiny stick.

Steak and eggs deconstructed. The small thin slices of beef were tender and tasty. In the middle the egg was a cube cooked to perfection. Apparently the cooked the white and the yok separatel.y then recombined them while dying the yolk green for fun – reminiscent of green eggs and ham.

Co2 fruit was average as well – the mango was quite stringy and the other pieces of fruit were not sparkling.

The 3 cotton candy stages – as an edible foam macaroni, thin slice of paper and…..

Flapjacks – tiny 4cc pancakes squeezed out of a syringe onto a cold grill at tableside, cold cooked and then nextled in a small pool of maple syrup.

The carrot cake came out as some sort of empty frozen ball which came out with the previous course and sat in the middle of the table and melted until ready to eat which the waiter will signal by placing a spoon beside it. The ball slowly collapsed into a partly solid partly liquid carrot-flavoured concoction which I didn’t particularly care for.

Pumpkin pie was a tiny pumpkin tamale with a tiny sie of spanish rice sprinkled with pumkin seeds

S’Mores was chocolate ice cream wedge, marshmallow styrofoam macaroni and a vanilla-type sauce.

Cafe con leche?

All the wine pairings were excellent with many of the selections we would buy again. Ending with an almost 30 year old madeira was a nice touch.

Moto Restaurant
945 W Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: (312) 491-0058

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