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Pizzeria Uno

November 30th, 2007 · No Comments

Pizzeria Uno Pizzeria Uno Pizzeria Uno Pizzeria Uno

T: Finally, this was the deep-dish experience that I was looking for. Another friend now living in Chicago agreed to hit this place up for lunch and we made it there today.

They were busy, so we pre-ordered a small “Numero Uno” deep-dish (sausage, pepperoni, onions, peppers, mushrooms and our unique chunky tomato sauce; topped with mozzarella and grated Romano, according to their website) and then headed across the street to Design Within Reach ( to drool over the Eames-y goodness in stock for our viewing pleasure.

Returning 20 minutes later, we were seated right away, asked for our drink order and given some menus. We ordered some pretty decent light salads and within 20 minutes, we heard some deep-dish angels singing and our pie arrived:

Heaven’s Illinois location: 29 East Ohio Street

This was the deep-dish that we were looking for. It was a perfect balance of ingredients – not swimming in sauce, not dripping with oil, not too thick – goldilocks would call it ‘just right’. This was a nicely heterogenous mix of the ingredients – every forkful was a mix of the veggies, meat, sauce, and cheese. None of the tastes were overpowering – in fact, hard to even pin down the individual ingredients other than to say “this thing works”.

The pizza isn’t like Gino’s where you get overwhelming mouthfuls of too-chewy cheese and delicious tomato sauce; instead, at Uno’s you get big mouthfuls of toppings tied together nicely with cheese and subtle sauce. The ingredients work together to make a unique taste – that’s it. How would I change this? Maybe make the sausage more savory; maybe give the mozzarella more flavor, maybe add a bit of heat to the sauce, maybe make the crust a bit thinner. But those are just insignificant complaints – bottom line: this pie works. The service is fast, unobtrusive, the pepsi is bottomless, and their cup of coffee is respectable considering we’re on a continent where the stuff served at Starbucks is considered coffee by the majority of the population.

A small pie: add a salad and it’s a lunch for three

Would I eat here again? Yes, and I wouldn’t have to be raucous and drunk or anything else. Just good deep-dish pizza, not expensive, easy to get to, and it will make you happy.

Just one note: supposedly, don’t expect the same food, service, or anything else at the “Uno Chicago Grill” locations scattered across the country. The Uno that we ate at is the actual Numero Uno – the one that started it all, and apparently the pies aren’t the same everywhere.

Pizzeria Uno
29 East Ohio Street
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-321-1000
Fax: 312-280-5125

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