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The Five Point

July 24th, 2008 · 1 Comment

The Five Point The Five Point The Five Point The Five Point
So – Thursday night – M is in town this week, haven’t gone out for a drink since our trip to the Cascade a few weeks back, and it’s (yet) another beautiful summer evening in Vancouver – time to head out for a beer. We wanted some place that was at least within stumbling distance from home, and seeing as M is a huge fan (as am I) of C’est What? in Toronto, we wanted to try a local, cool, relaxed, friendly place that you could get some kind of an interesting beer and maybe a tasty bite to eat.

It turns out that really, the Five Point wasn’t what we were looking for. Then again, I’m not sure what you’d be looking for if you found it at the Five Point.

This place is about as average as places get. The food was passable – they are trying to go gastro-pub with a menu that their website calls “inspired west coast tapas”. Here are some shots of the inspired tapas we had:
Mini beef tacos with salad

The steamed veggie bowl with noodles and peanut sauce

Now I’m not going to blame the kitchen for calling things ‘inspired west coast’ – or even ‘inspired’ – obviously I should blame the management and web people for that one. Look – I’m not going to bore you with details – the food isn’t that great. The steamed veggies were not that tasty, the spaghetti noodles and peanut sauce nothing to write home about. The beef tacos were under-flavoured (although nice that they were served on corn tortillas) and generally bland, and the main flavour that came out of the salad was olive oil.

Okay – so it’s not a restaurant – it’s a pub, you say – a place to go and drink beer and sit on the patio and maybe smoke. Okay – fair enough – the food isn’t the reason that you go to a pub.

Fine – we’ll talk pubs then. Most importantly, a pub needs to be comfortable. Comfortable seating, lighting, music, and service are what a good pub should have. Let’s start with comfortable seating – on the patio at the Five Point, you sit at plastic tables, either on plastic garden chairs or on a wooden bench. Well you say, that’s being too picky – it’s a patio. Okay – we’ll talk lighting – do you see the pinkish glow in the picture above? That’s from the lighting – a harsh, cold pink light is used to light up the patio (think street lamps) As for the music and service – it was pretty standard, not too loud, not too bad, and the service was pleasant and attentive.

But at least you can get a good pint of something to drink, right? Wrong. The most interesting beer this place had on tap was Big Rock Grasshopper – sure, you can get a Stella or a Guinness, but while those may be refreshing and/or tasty, they aren’t particularly interesting.

But – I’m sure it’s the City of Vancouver’s wisdom – the patio closes at about 10pm, so you have to close your tab and move inside. Fine – how is inside?

Inside has obviously been done up by some interior designer – it has the ubiquitous giant TV screens, interrupting conversation and casting their cold glare over the interior. And it has this strange mix of victorian(?)/chintz decor that has invaded Vancouver and perhaps the worst example is on display at Pinky’s. I didn’t expect to find it at the Five Point, and just…oh forget it! It’s all just so damn average! Why am I writing so much about it?

Look – this place has average food, an average beer selection, acceptable service, and an average patio. Considering that Main Street actually does have places with great food, great drinks, great service, and don’t cost any more than this place, I can’t think of why you’d really want to go to the Five Point. Chances are, you work too hard for your money to spend it at such an average place like this.

The Five Point
Dinner for two with 2 beer each: ~$50.00
3124 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V5T 3G7, Canada
Phone: (604) 876-5810

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