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Persicco (gelato), Buenos Aires

April 10th, 2009 · 1 Comment

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….and we found it! After a bit of looking – nothing extensive like our searches for veal sandwiches or pain au chocolat, we found some absolutely awesome ice cream in BA. I won’t say it’s the best – there are just too many places to try out. But based on multiple locations, this was just reliably great.

From walking around, it seems like ice cream is big business in BA. Everywhere you go, you see ice cream stores (heladerias) with a fleet of delivery bikes parked out front and a crowd of happy patrons inside.

They all tend to offer some combination of ice cream, coffee, and maybe sandwiches – most are stand-up counters, maybe with a few small tables out front – but they’re not usually the kind of place to sit and while away the hours, scribbling or doing some much-overdue blue sky thinking. They’re a place to get a cone (or cup), enjoy the flavour, and keep on moving. The ones with the sign outside that says artisinal are the ones that supposedly use the hand-produced process to make their ice cream, and are supposedly better.

There are both single shops and chain stores for ice cream all over BA – one of the most popular chains is called Freddo, and they serve a decent cone of the stuff. Persicco’s owners used to own Freddo but sold out and are on to some very green new pastures with their latest venture.

And I’m glad they did. This stuff is delicious! Their chocolate must be mixed with silly putty it’s so viscous – well, likely it’s just mixed with pure cream and a ton of real chocolate – it has such a deep dark chocolate flavour. Their dulce de leche flavour (sort of like caramel for the uninitiated) is awesome – it runs the fine edge between just perfect and sometimes almost having too much of that burnt caramel flavour – it just keeps you wanting more.

Their stores are brightly lit, very clean, and staffed by very friendly people. At both locations, they have signs saying “complaints book available” – obviously Persicco cares about being the best place in town to have some helados.

They’ve got multiple locations around BA – we hit up the ones in both airports – Aeroparque Jorge Newberry and at Ezeiza – definitely if you’ve got a minute before that flight, that connection, or that cab home – don’t hesitate to drop by for some dulce de leche granizado (with chocolate chunks).

The only thing: Persicco is North American prices for their gelato. For $13 pesos – around $4, you’ll get a medium-sized cup – perfect for two to share. Cream and real chocolate aren’t cheap – I still say you’re paying for what you get – but just be aware it isn’t the same price as the many other spots in town.

P.S. We also tried Freddo – good for a chain. store. They are sort of like the Baskin-Robbins of Argentina. Apparently, the ownere of Persicco were the original founders of Freddo which they subsequently sold.

Persicco Helados
Multiple locations in BA

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