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Altitudes Bistro – North Vancouver, BC

May 31st, 2009 · No Comments

Altitudes Bistro, Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, BC Altitudes Bistro, Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, BC Altitudes Bistro, Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, BC Altitudes Bistro, Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, BC

So when you’re at the top of Grouse Mountain, and you’re thirsty, and you want a place to sit down and admire the view, it’s OK to come to Altitudes Bistro. Note that I didn’t say ‘eat’ in that list of things to do here.

Lumberjack Competition at Grouse Mountain
(drinks that will hit the spot. food that will likely miss it)

Short post: here with Mom, after touring around the top of the mountain, admiring the bears, we stopped in for a view of Vancouver and to have some lunch.

She ordered something that I can’t find on the menu, but was basically over-ripe tomatoes with poor quality mozzarella. I ordered the “French Garlic Soup” – described as “Port wine, raclette crouton”. In fact, I would have much rather had a glass of port and some bread with raclette. Instead, what I got was a bowl of vinegar with blobs of tasteless garlic floating in it, served with two pieces of bread – one of them was whole-wheat cinnamon/cranberry bread and the other was a small slice of foccacia.

This was just crap. The soup was horrible – I couldn’t come close to finishing it – it had only one taste: vinegar. Port wine? maybe Port that was left open to the air for so long it had turned to vinegar. And nice – nothing like vinegar-garlic soup, served with cinnamon-flavoured bread. That’s a lovely combo for you. Why don’t we put some blue cheese in with your corn pops in the morning?

The cooks here are just obviously not tasting their food and don’t care who eats it or what it tastes like.

Mom’s salad was over-ripe, tasteless, watery tomatoes (one red, the other orange), served with hunks of tasteless, watery mozzarella. No oil, no balsalmic, no basil.

Look – the view is spectacular, but the food is lousy (based on our limited selection). Just go after you climb the grind, sit in a sunbeam, and have a beer, and if tempted to order anything else, just remember: even the bears on Grouse wouldn’t eat this food.

Bear at Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, BC
(rarrrrr! don’t eat here!)

Altitudes Bistro
Top of Grouse Mountain
North Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604.980.9311

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