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Smitty's Restaurant – Halifax, NS

June 8th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Smitty's Restaurant - Halifax, NS Smitty's Restaurant - Halifax, NS Smitty's Restaurant - Halifax, NS One of my best friends and I had a nickname for this place – we called it “the constant”.

And now having gone back to a place that I probably first went to in 1992, I have to say that some things never change.

Smitty’s is mainly a breakfast place (sure, they’re open for other meals – but hey, if you call yourself “a pancake house”, don’t be shocked if not many folks show up for supper). It’s a local chain of restaurants that serves reliable food that will definitely not knock anyone’s socks off. There’s no arugula on the menu, I’m sure that there’s not a single fresh herb in the kitchen, and the bacon doesn’t come from locally-sourced free-range grain-fed antibiotic-free hogs.

This is regular food for regular folks. The pancakes are actually great, the eggs come as you ordered them, the OJ is from concentrate and the coffee won’t even challenge Nabob on its best day.

But you’ll get one thing for sure at Smitty’s – great service, with a smile. And the next time you go back, the food will be the same, and so will it the next time and the time after that. The pancakes are great, nobody will rush you out of the place, and the coffee pot will keep coming as long as you’re at the table. The meal won’t break the bank, and some mornings, you just want an uncomplicated place to go to catch up with old friends, fill up the tank, and get some coffee in you to clear out the cobwebs. The fact that Smitty’s is friendly, very clean, well-lit, cheap, and reliable – makes it a perfect place if that’s what fits your need.

Smitty’s Restaurant
1472 Tower Road, Halifax, NS
Tel: (902) 429-1148

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  • 1 Angela // Feb 7, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    Its Martello Street, not tower road ;P

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