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Bing Sheng – Vancouver

August 9th, 2009 · No Comments

Bing Sheng Chinese Restaurant - Vancouver Bing Sheng Chinese Restaurant - Vancouver Bing Sheng Chinese Restaurant - Vancouver Bing Sheng Chinese Restaurant - Vancouver Bing Sheng Chinese Restaurant - Vancouver Bing Sheng Chinese Restaurant - Vancouver Bing Sheng Chinese Restaurant - Vancouver
I’d head here any time for high-quality Dim Sum.

Let me back up. Sunday am – time for Dim Sum. A friend of a friend recommended a place at 1st and Renfrew – we googled for it and found Bing Sheng. It turns out that it wasn’t the place he was talking about, but that’s ok – just another place to try.

We called them at 10:30am and made a reservation for 11:00am (we heard it was very, very busy without reservations) – they said no problem, so we were off. Got there, had to wait 10 minutes, but they had lots of seating for waiting patrons outside.

The place is actually quite nice – it has the usual Chinese restaurant fixtures – large TV playing CCTV, lots of gold and red trim, gaudy chandeliers. But actually, it was a step above “the usual” and for some reason that I can’t put my finger on the place actually comes across as quite nice on the inside. The place settings were pretty nice, the service was reasonably friendly, and everyone in the restaurant looked like they were happy.

And the food was great. We didn’t gorge (for once) – we had the usual siu mai, lo mai gai, lo bak gao (please excuse my spellings) – and all were delicious. The siu mai were pretty much all shrimp (and good shrimp at that), the lo bak gao (turnip cake) was fried and cut into large chunks, but it was actually delicious and served with crispy shredded vegetables. The lo mai gai had big chunks of chinese sausage, pork, and egg in it. The congee was pretty tasty – not as good as Congee Noodle House, but still worth ordering. The gai lon was perfectly cooked and the oyster sauce wasn’t overpowering.

Service was ridiculously fast – less than 5 minutes from ordering to serving the first dish, and the tea and hot water was constantly refilled throughout our meal without us having to ask. The servers were constantly clearing dishes from our table and everyone was friendly.

So – head here any weekend morning if you want good quality Dim Sum. This is a place you could take anyone to and they’d all agree that the food is good, it comes fast, the restaurant is clean, and while you pay a bit more, you definitely get it back in the quality of the food and the overall experience. If you haven’t been here before and you’re into dim sum, don’t hesitate to check out Bing Sheng.

ps it used to be (or perhaps still is also) called the “Renfrew Dim Sum Seafood Restaurant” so if you can’t find it under ‘Bing Sheng’, check it out under its other name.

Bing Sheng Chinese Restaurant
1800 Renfrew Street
Vancouver, BC
Tel: (604) 215-1800

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