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Venchi Gelateria – Bologna, Italy

November 8th, 2009 · No Comments

Venchi Gelateria - Bologna, Italy Venchi Gelateria - Bologna, Italy
In August, Bologna gets hot. I don’t mean some jerk saying “hot enough for ya?” hot – I mean run from shadow-to-shadow hot. It is one of the hottest places in Italy in the summer, and generally speaking the entire town (mostly) closes down for the month. It is ridiculous by mid-day – 38 degrees in the shade, humid, and with a sun that threatens to melt anything it touches not made of stone.

So while it was a disappointment that many of Bologna’s finest restaurants were closed while we were there, at least the gelaterias were staying open, probably as some kind of emergency measure to prevent riots among the sweltering inhabitants.

Bologna was one of our favourite places in Italy. Its history, its look, its style – and certainly its food – made it a highlight of the trip for us. And certainily, the inhabitants here know gelato.
Venchi Gelateria - Bologna, Italy
We did an awesome (if ridiculously hot) walking city tour, and as we walked by Venchi, we asked our tour guide if they had good gelato. Now for the uninitiated, asking a real Italian, who lives in Italy, a question about something as divisive as their favourite gelato – tends to elicit a stream of commentary about the subtleties of the company’s product that few would be able to appreciate. But one thing I did remember that she said was “Venchi? Best chocolate in Italy. They’re from Torino. That’s where the best chocolate in the world is from”. I’m not trying to issue the EU any setbacks here – this is just one person’s opinion – but it definitely meant that we had to come back to try this place.

And so we did. This gelato was awesome – absolutely delicious and perfect. The chocolate was indeed, the best chocolate gelato that we had in Italy. But – that being said – overall, this was still tied for 2nd place for the best gelato that we had while in Bologna. You should come to Bologna just for the gelato – I don’t care if you stay in your room the whole time (but not to see this city – now that is a crime). The strawberry was rich, the consistency was perfect, and that chocolate – with depth that went on for miles – so rich. Just fantastic. Am I being effusive enough? Just go.

Via degli Orefici
40124 Bologna, Bologne (Emilia Romagna), Italy
Tel: 051 223332

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