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Atelier de cuisine "Lalla Nezha" – Moroccan cooking class – Marrakech

November 14th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Atelier de Cuisine

If you are looking for a real local experience, this is a great local experience at the home of a local native approximately a 10 minute ride from town. Don’t worry Lalla Nezha comes to pick you up in town and escorts you back to her lovely home. Lalla Nezha’s grandmother was the royal cook and she learned how to cook under her tutelage.

The class actually starts in the city where Nezha brings you to the local spice market located in the old Jewish quarter where you have the opportunity to buy many of the local spices at one of the oldest spice houses in town. You would never find this unassuming place which I think most tourists would easily walk by. It is a great way to start the tour with Nezha pointing out many of the local spices and you have the opportunity to buy them at local prices. You know this is a place that caters to locals by the dried mice – yes mice – that are hanging in one of the corners. Apparently they are used for a special bbq where the meat is imparted a special flavour by the smoked mouse…

After the spice market tour, you then take a tour of the local market where Nezha picks up some last minute ingredients for the meal you are about to prepare. Here is where the locals get there live meat which they then get butchered in another section of the market plus seafood, fruits and vegetables.

It is then a short ten minute ride to Nezha’s house just outside of town. The cooking class is literally held in the central courtyard surrounded by a garden which provides most of the ingredients for the meal. The menu of the day included chicken tagine with lemons and olives, morrocan salad and dessert of fresh oranges with cinnamon, sugar and rose water. While we were waiting for the tagine to cook, she brought us to the local bread bakery where we picked up some bread fresh from the oven to eat with our meal. Since it was Ramadan, we were able to enjoy the special honey covered desserts you see all over the city during this holiday, with our mint tea. Although it was kind of awkward to be eating while our hostess could not, we enjoyed the fruits of our labour and finished the day literally stuffed.

Atelier de cuisine “Lalla Nezha”
Cost: 400 DH
Verdict: Definitely worth it

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  • 1 Nina // Apr 11, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    We just did a cooking course with Lalla Nezha – this was really one of the best experiences we had in Marrakesh. Spending a day with her, doing the shopping together, cooking, seeing how people live in her village – this cannot be replaced by anything. This is definitely not to be missed!

  • 2 Jennifer // Nov 30, 2010 at 11:32 am

    How much is the class?
    Do you have any classes in december?

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