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Smoke's Poutinerie – Toronto, Ontario

May 11th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Smoke's from Outside View from the window A triumvirate of poutine Pulled Pork Poutine Original Poutine Philly Cheese Steak Poutine
(note: wrote this in January – just getting around to posting it now) Back in Toronto for the weekend – woo-hoo! Look, Canadians – you may or may not like Toronto and/or Torontonians, but damn this city has some great food.

And it looks like from reading some of the local magazines and blogs that Toronto is in the grip of a quick food wave – burgers, burritos, and poutine. Poutine, you might ask? That’s the Quebecois late-night food of fries, gravy, and cheese curds – sure, it’s basically a ‘regret food’ – one of those things that is great after your twelfth rum and coke, but not so great the next morning – and yes, you’re right. But in recent years, poutine has gone upscale – the blue-cheese Belgian poutine at Chambar – Jaime Kennedy’s version too – and it looks like a local lad in the big smoke has decided to take this remarkably regional regret food to the big leagues.

Smoke’s already has 2 Toronto locations, a portable poutine kitchen truck, and is going to be opening up multiple locations in the future (according to the gent behind the counter) – possibly Ottawa, Waterloo, and Kingston coming soon!

We hit up the Dundas Street location – located across from Filmore’s – one of Toronto’s more well-known “gentlemen’s clubs” – in a part of town that you might not want to find yourself on a dark and stormy night walking down any alleyways.

But if at the end of that dark alley, you see a red-and-black mackinaw-plaid sign, then keep going because at the end of this plaid-tinted rainbow, there is a pot of gravy-smothered gold.

Is Smoke’s the best poutine you’ll ever have? Well, no. I remember a wild-leek poutine made by Jaime Kennedy up at Eigensinn Farm that probably takes that title, and for a regular poutine, the blue-cheese poutine at Vancouver’s Chambar would be my daily driver. But Smoke’s got the variety – from pulled pork to Philly Cheese Steak to everywhere in between. The service was friendly and fast, and the poutine was huge, relatively cheap and tasty. Pop from ye olde Pop Shoppe (those of you who attended children’s birthday parties in the 1970’s will remember this) is a nice complement, even if it is a bit of a sugar bomb.

The poutine we tried (pulled pork and Philly cheese steak) was tasty at around 4:00pm when we had it – but at 4:00am, after a night on the town, it would have been manna from heaven. You can go here any time and enjoy the poutine – it’s not in the Chambar/Jamie Kennedy class, but one look at the sign out front tells you that it’s not trying to be. Rather, it’s just trying to be what Poutine is – a delicious, guilty pleasure that Smoke’s serves anyway you want.

Come by any time, but once you go, don’t be surprised if a tractor beam pulls you here at 2:00am the next time you’re out on the town.

Smoke’s Poutinerie
203 Dundas Street East,
Toronto, ON M5A 1Z4, Canada
Tel: (416) 603-2873‎

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