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Pierre Hermé – Paris, France

May 15th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Pierre Herme - Paris Les macarons
Yes, I know that we’ve been here before, and written about it before. But it’s so good, that it needs writing about again.

We were on our way to the very beautiful Musée de l’Orangerie this afternoon when we took a detour and took the M12 Metro line all the way to the Pasteur stop to check out Pierre Hermé’s newest shop at 185 Rue de Vaugirard. We’d been to his original shop several times before – yes, the best pain au chocolat in Paris, yes, Macarons to die for, and chocolates worthy of selling one’s soul for. But – we weren’t prepared for this.

I know it sounds ridiculous – but I think that there is something new in croissant technology, because chef Hermé has created something magnificent with his raspberry croissant. This is a pastry itself worth a trip – an amazing, new flavour experience like nothing I’ve had before. Picture the best croissant you’ve ever had – full of butter, perfectly light and crispy. Now, put a strip of delicious, incredibly rich raspberry filling down the middle of the inside (like a strip of chocolate in a pain au chocolat) – sounds good already, no? Now, create something akin to ‘raspberry shattered glass’ – I can only assume this was sweetened raspberry puree that was perhaps frozen and shattered – sprinkle a liberal amount of this on top of the croissant, then hold it in place with the best sweet glazing you can imagine.
Raspberry Croissant
To blaspheme – but solely for descriptive purposes – it was like Monsieur Hermé went to a doughnut shop, saw a glazed doughnut with sprinkles on top, and thought to himself, how could I take this concept, but not make it a fatty, soul-destroying piece of matières fécales like it is in a doughnut shop? He would create one of these.

Enough rhapsodizing already. It changed my life. Note to Mr. Haas: please start making something similar.

We had a pain au chocolat, although it, somewhat like the pain au chocolat we had a Fauchon several days earlier, was vaguely disappointing – with a nice crispiness, but too doughy, and it didn’t do justice to our memory of the perfect pain au chocolat from here.

The macarons were a treat – we went with peach/apricot/saffron (good, but a bit generic), olive oil/vanilla (perfect), rose (perfect) and caramel (lots of burnt caramel flavour, not for everyone) – but flavour aside, they were all perfectly made, and as always, beautifully presented and wrapped.

So – the next time you’re in Paris – go early, go often. Or if you’re not in Paris, perhaps you should change your travel plans to include Paris. And if you’re flying over Paris – considering parachuting out – just aim for Rue de Vaugirard and Boulevard Pasteur – you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Pierre Hermé
Multiple locations:
185 Rue de Vaugirard, Paris – 01 47 83 89 96
72 Rue Bonaparte, Paris – 01 43 54 47 77

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