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Glowbal – Vancouver, BC

July 3rd, 2010 · No Comments

Friday night – M is in town – and he wants to go where the ‘beautiful’ people are. Yaletown it is then.

I call J to ask him (he works in Yaletown) where is a good patio to search out on a Friday night – he suggests Glowbal and so on we go. The very friendly young lady at the hostess table takes our name & phone number, and then almost immediately tells us that she can seat us on the patio – definitely a stroke of luck for what is probably Yaletown’s busiest patio on this summer Friday evening at 9pm.
Glowbal - Vancouver, BC Glowbal - Vancouver, BC
We sit down and within 5 minutes, are offered menus and a drink order is taken. M is feeling wistful about missing the Kentucky Derby this year (I think) and he goes with the mint julep, while I go with my usual, an Old Fashioned – the waiter asks if I want Makers Mark in it – a good sign, as often waiters have no idea what this drink is. The drinks come and I’m immediately impressed – indeed, the bar tender makes a very fine old fashioned, and M declares his mint julep to be ‘just fine’ – even if your mint julep is lousy, you should always declare it to be something, in proper Southern fashion, I think.
Glowbal - Vancouver, BC
M is veg, so here at the Glowbal ‘Grill & Satay House’, his options are fairly limited. He goes with the King Mushroom satay to start (I go with the Wagyu) and his main is the Rigatoni Pomodoro – I’m not in the mood for a beef-fest, so I stick with the Linguine with Jumbo Prawns. The food comes – the wagyu chuck satay is indeed delicious – rich, juicy, super-flavourful steak, perfectly cooked. The mains come; the jumbo prawns are indeed huge – a very healthy serving (although for $27, it better be) – and the mix with capers and tomatoes is very tasty. We both agree that while the pasta is fine-tasting, it is just on the undercooked side of al dente – another 30 seconds or a minute and it would probably be perfect.

The restaurant and patio are packed – a few couples on dates, and either groups of women or groups of men; everyone is dressed up – lots of make up and affliction shirts as far as I can see – the standard Yaletown garb. Vancouver has an odd evening ethic – it seems either you go on dates, or you go out in same-sex groups – groups of girls dining or groups of guys out on the town. Not quite the same meet & greet, friendly scene of mixed groups that I’m used to in Toronto. So it goes.

Okay – so – bottom line: Glowbal is Yaletown-fancy, and the food is decent. It’s expensive, but so are a lot of places in Yaletown; in fact, this might be one of the best places to eat in the neighborhood. I just have a hard time getting excited about it, and I don’t know why.

Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar
1079 Mainland Street
Vancouver, BC V6B5P9
Tel: (604) 602-0835

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