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Best Gelato in Rome – Rome, Italy

September 26th, 2010 · No Comments

What is the best gelato in Rome? Well, if you check a lot of the message boards/forums, apparently San Crispino is the best gelato in Rome although actually I think it depends on what kind of gelato you like and where you are staying. We tried several – Blue Ice (a very average chain with outlets all over the place, it was the closest gelateria to our place on the night we arrived – at least that is our excuse for trying it), San Crispino (several times), Fior Di Luna, Giolitti, Venchi and Tre Scalini.

Best Gelato in Rome Best Gelato in Rome Best Gelato in Rome
San Crispino is a bright store with 3 outlets around Rome. Many posts had commented on the unfriendly service but we didn’t find it particularly friendly or unfriendly. They do not use any colouring or artificial flavours as well as they only use fruits that are in season, so don’t expect to have strawberry gelato in the middle of winter. We voted this as a tie for the best gelato – especially because of its ‘san crispino’ (honey) flavour – absolutely delicious and unique. It’s not too creamy, not too much like sorbetto – just in the middle, and just right.

Best Gelato in Rome Best Gelato in Rome Best Gelato in Rome
Fior di Luna was tied for #1 – this has a small shop in Trastevere and again, it’s all about the fresh ingredients. I thought that this place had the best limone sorbetto – so bright and sour, and perfectly sweet – it just melts in your mouth, full of lemon flavour. The straciatella was also very nice and we also had giandula (hazelnut chocolate) that was a nice a mix of hazelnuts and chocolate as you’d find anywhere.

Best Gelato in Rome
For chocolate, I don’t know if you’d find better gelato than at Venchi (multiple locations). We’ve blogged about Venchi before – they’re from Turin, and famous for their chocolate. We had their ultra-dark chocolate and chocolate with chili pepper flavours, and really, it is by far the best experience in terms of rich, smooth, chocolate flavour – it’s as though they’ve put a whole chocolate bar in every scoop.

Best Gelato in Rome
Giolitti is perhaps Rome’s most famous Gelateria – it is said that the late Pope John Paul II’s favourite flavour here was chestnut. It is an old-world kind of place – lots of yellowed wood, glass, and chrome inside, with servers in white jackets and bow-ties. Definitely it gets points for being more of an experience than a place like Fior di Luna (which is just a small stall with a few tables), but unfortunately, we both found Giolitti’s product a bit lacking. Their flavours didn’t seem as rich, and the strawberry tasted a bit artificial – perhaps they use flavourings? I’m not sure. In any case – go to Giolitti if you want a touch of old-world romance – but if your date is a bon vivant, buy your gelato elsewhere.

Best Gelato in Rome Best Gelato in Rome
Finally, Tre Scalini we found in the lonely planet as being famous for their tartufo nero – and this was indeed a treat. I’m not sure if I’d say it’s your classic gelato (although they do sell regular gelato) – instead, this is some kind of extremely dark, rich chocolate dessert. It is a ball of chocolate gelato (with perhaps chunks of chocolate mixed in) that they mash into the plate to flatten it and pile it high with whipped cream. It’s not your classic gelato – but rather, a special dessert that is a must-have while you’re staring at the beautiful fountains in Piazza Navona at night.

Gelato di San Crispino
Via della Panetteria, 42
00187 Roma, Italia
Tel: (+39) 066 793924

Fior di Luna
Via della Lungaretta, 96
00153 Roma, Italia
Tel: (+39) 066 4561314

Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40
00186 Roma, Italia
Tel: (+39) 066 991243‎‎

Venchi (at Fiumicino Airport)
Via Fratelli Wright
00054 Fiumicino RM, Italia
Tel: (+39) 066 5017412

Ristorante Tre Scalini
Piazza Navona
00186 Roma, Italia
Tel: (+39) 06 687 9148‎

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