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Summerbird Chocolatier – Copenhagen, Denmark

October 4th, 2010 · No Comments

Summerbird Chocolaterie - Copenhagen, Denmark Summerbird Chocolaterie - Copenhagen, Denmark Summerbird Chocolaterie - Copenhagen, Denmark

We were sitting at Aamans, and started chatting with the very nice couple next to us, who we started exchanging food recommendation with, and an email or two later, M had recommended Summerbird to us for their flødeboller – ‘cream puffs’. Did you ever eat Viva Puffs (in Canada, at least) when you were a kid – those marshmallow-filled, chocolate-coated delicious cookies that would just all-too-easily disappear?

If so, then flødeboller is for you. This is like a giant viva puff, except made with good chocolate, good marshmallow, and a bottom crust like marzipan or something.

Anyway, there’s not much more to say. If you’re going to eat one of these though, have a drink handy, as it’s a giant sugar bomb and you’ll want something to wash the sweetness away when you’re all done.

The lady at Summerbird (I almost wrote Sugarbird, which they may want to consider changing their name to) did mention that they’re one of (if not the) last chocolate manufacturer in Denmark.

So come, visit, find out what the folks making viva puffs are trying to re-create, and enjoy. Summerbird makes many other delicious things as well (we tried the raspberry-flavoured chocolate almonds) so don’t hesitate to try more than just the flødeboller.

Two locations in Copenhagen:
Ny Østergade 9, 1101 København, Denmark
Tel (+45) 33 13 19 02

Kronprinsensgade 11, 1114 København, Denmark
Tel (+45) 33 93 80 40

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