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The Lobster Pot – Provincetown, MA

September 17th, 2012 · 1 Comment

After the relatively long drive out to Provincetown, and a brief stop at the Cape Cod National Seashore Visitor’s Center, we decided to head into town for a bite to eat.

Yes, we had researched it, yes we read the mixed comments on all the review websites, but still, we wanted to try it. As someone who grew up in a seaside town, places like the Lobster Pot are pretty darn familiar to me; lots of white and green paint, lots of dark wood, some brass fixtures, maybe some fish nets, a wooden ship’s wheel, it goes on and on. But for these places to stay in business so long, they have to have something good about them – either a special food dish, or the right price, or just an amazing location/view.
The Lobster Pot - Provincetown, MA
So we all went in, and at 2:00pm were sat very quickly, ordered chowder and lobster salad rolls, and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Everything was good, the service was super-friendly, the restaurant was very kid-friendly, and the restaurant was full of light, and very clean.
The Lobster Pot - Provincetown, MA
I have to admit I’m a little mystified by the phenomenon of the lobster roll; I’ve had at least 3 (maybe 4, I can’t remember) since coming to New England, and I’m generally a little underwhelmed every time. I love lobster, but after you’ve taken it, and put it on a buttered bun, maybe with some lettuce, it seems to lose something. Lobster is a magical food when fresh out of the pot and dipped in butter, but while the bun/lettuce/lobster/butter combo of the lobster roll is a good one, I’m not quite sure it deserves such a vaunted place in the national/regional sandwich Pantheon along with the Philly steak sandwich, the Toronto veal, Bánh mì, Kelly’s Roast Beef, the list goes on. Well, maybe it does deserve a place next to the philly steak, but nowhere near the same tier as the Toronto Veal or Bánh mì (yes, I realize how contentious sandwiches are and that this may ignite a flame war somewhere).
The Lobster Pot - Provincetown, MA
But this is about the Lobster Pot, not a podium from which to pontificate about sandwich philosophy. How was the Lobster Pot’s lobster roll? I’d say very good. At least as good as every other one I’ve had, that is to say, I find them all about the same. So it was tasty, and at $19, not unreasonable for a generous portion of lobster, and a side of salad. Although, they describe it as a ‘panini’ and putting white bread in a sandwich press does not a panini make, although I digress.

The clam chowder was very good – nicely salty, creamy, buttery, with lots of clam flavour – and lots of clams. I know that chowder is just as religious a debate as sandwiches, so I’m not going to get into it; but it was good, and I’d order it again. I can’t praise it much more than that, which at least in my book, is extremely high praise.

So what’s the verdict on the Lobster Pot? If you want high-end, you should go somewhere else; but the neon sign outside (which I love, coming from a place that knows its neon), should have told you that to begin with. The friendly service, relaxed atmosphere, reasonable prices, and good food are what we were looking for, and were what we got. It’s in a convenient location and keep your expectations reasonable, and you’ll enjoy it.

The Lobster Pot
321 Commercial Street
Provincetown, MA 02657
Tel: (508) 487-0842

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