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A word about bad reviews

October 1st, 2012 · No Comments

Some friends have criticized me for rarely (or never, basically) saying anything bad about restaurants.

Here’s mainly why: I don’t write about the bad ones.

Here’s the other reason why: I usually don’t eat at the bad ones. There are so many restaurant reviews out there now, including aggregation sites where reviews get pooled and the sample size is huge, that you can usually figure out what is good and what is bad before you go. So, I avoid the bad places. Thus, there are few, if any bad reviews on this website.

Here’s the other reason why: I’ve rarely been to a restaurant where everything is bad. I try to see the restaurant for what it is; I don’t go to a cheap Chinese restaurant and complain that it has plastic tablecloths or that the server was brusque. If I go to a tourist trap, does it live up to its billing as at least being fun, have overly-friendly service, tacky decor, and pretty run-of-the-mill food? If so, then that’s ok. You don’t go to the Lobster Pot for molecular gastronomy. You go because it’s huge, conveniently-located, they’ll seat you fast, their lobster will be decent, and you’ll get service with a smile. On that account, it gets 5/5.

I write about restaurants and food because I enjoy dining out, and I enjoy writing. That’s it. If I can share what I thought was good about an experience, and you go there on my review, and you like it too, then great. If you see a place on this site, even if you think I wasn’t crazy about it, you should probably go there and try it out; me writing about it meant that I thought it was interesting enough, or good enough to write about. It’s as simple as that.


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