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Well, flights are always a source of huge concern and anxiety for most parents, particularly long flights since there is the ever-present risk of a full-on meltdown. That being said, I once sat beside a very nice lady for a flight where the Baby Bon Vivant fussed for the entire 2.5 hours . She obviously noted my anxiety as I was stuck in the middle seat just trying to distract the BBV with anything possible. She kindly turned to me and told me not to worry she has two children of her own and babies cry – that’s life. If the other passengers can’t deal with it then they should book their own private flight. She also re-assured me that it probably bothered me more than the people around me and that your baby can read your anxiety which can add to his/her stress so it is best to just relax and take it all in stride. That being said, it is easier said than done but I do try to keep that in mind when I feel my level of anxiety shooting up as the Baby Bon Vivant gets increasingly fussy.

TIPS for the plane:
-It is helpful to either breastfeed or give the baby a bottle or soother during take-off and landing to help prevent blocked ears.
-If your baby is young enough (i.e. can’t sit up on his/her own and less than 25 lbs) then try to book the bassinette in advance by calling the airline.
-Bring your stroller to the gate and check it at the gate – this allows you to easily cart around all your stuff and the baby, particularly if you are by yourself. In addition, if you bring a stroller with car seat then if the flight is not full – if you ask, sometimes they can give your baby a seat if she is strapped in the car seat.

A list of things we like to bring on flights:
-soothers (and an extra soother just in case we lose one – we have already lost many soothers including while strolling down a pedestrian way in Rome – I think the BBV must have tossed it out of her stroller)
-breastfeeding blanket
-bottles, milk and nipples
-diapers and wipes
-bibs and extra bibs
-change of baby clothes (+ a new shirt for yourself if you know your baby spits up a lot)
-infant carrier (for those long walks up and down the aisle to soothe the BBV)
-baby headphones because when the BBV is sleeping sometime the intercom is so loud it wakes her up (unfortunately the ones we have could be designed better since the plastic tends to make the BBV sweaty around the ears but they have been useful in loud restaurants or anywhere with loud noises that can startle the BBV awake)
-toys, books, anything which entertains the BBV
-ipod for myself to entertain myself while I am walking up and down the aisle

TIPS for packing:
-bring your own laundry detergent if you are picky about a perfume-free detergent or your baby is particularly sensitive to different kinds of soap
-bottle brush
-crib – we have a small Pogey bed which is super-light and handy for many of our friends but the BBV doesn’t like it because she likes to sleep with her arms spread out. I think maybe if you introduce it early then babies get used to sleeping in it since one of our friends’ 11-month old can still sleep in it.
-check whether you can rent a pack-n-play and car seat at your destination
-high chair – we have a phil and ted’s metoo chair which is quite light but it does not attach to all tables and yo might not want to use it if the table is wobbly. Alternatively, a few of my friends have the phil and ted’s wriggle wrap or cloth equivalents which you attach to chairs which are light but your baby needs to be able to sit up well on his/her own.

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