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Copenhagen Baby

Copenhagen (6/10) – Denmark is expensive. The people are not overly friendly. It is very stroller-friendly though.

Although described as one of the most kid-friendly cities, we would describe it as more kid-accessible given that the Danes love to push their kids around in the largest prams I have ever seen – sort of like a travelling baby hotel with massive wheels. Consequently the city ,including the public transit, is very accessible. In fact, there is stroller/pram parking at many museums and shops. Surprisingly at the Copenhagen airport though, they will not let you bring your stroller to the gate – the only airport so far that wouldn’t let us do it. Apparently the airport does provide free umbrella strollers for use in the airport but we didn’t bother trying to find the stroller lending area. It was however a royal pain in the ass not to be able to bring our stroller to the gate since with the Baby Bon Vivant we have to lug around so much more stuff with us.

The Danes themselves are not particularly warm people. In addition, while we find that having a baby with us often gets us a little special treatment or extra help from others, that was not so in Denmark. In fact, at the Ida Davidsen restaurant, although there were free tables and space, they did not want our business and wouldn’t allow us in with the stroller.

As for activities, the Baby Bon Vivant is too young for many of them but there were a lot of gardens and parks with children play areas so that would be a plus if your child is a little older.

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